Oregon 6 Day Notice to Pay or Quit | NonPayment of Rent

The Oregon six (6) day notice to pay or quit, in regards to § 90.394, is required to be served on a tenant who has failed to pay rent (before the landlord can file an eviction action). The six (6) day (144 hour) notice provides the tenant with 6 days to pay the past due amount, or vacate the rental unit. At the end of the date specified on the notice, the lease agreement will terminate and the landlord will file an eviction lawsuit (Forcible Entry and Detainer).

Note: The minimum notice period as required under Oregon State law is 72 hours.

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How to Write

Step 1 – Enter the name of the property in the “Property Name” field. Put the full address of the rental unit in the field labeled “Property Address.” Write the name of the manager/agent/landlord, and then the name of the tenant(s). Put the date (dd/mm/yyyy) and unit number in the input field sections on the right side of the “Parties” box.

Step 2 – Fill in the total amount of rent due. In the “Statement of Account” box put the rent due, along with any other fees (late charges, etc.).

Step 3 – Select the service method that was used (personal, mail, mail and posting/attachment), and then enter the date/time of service. Write the due date/time.

Step 4 – Print and sign your name in the input fields at the bottom of the notice.