Oklahoma 15 Day Notice to Cure or Quit | NonCompliance

The Oklahoma fifteen (15) day notice to cure or quit, reference § 41-132(B), provides the tenant with ten (10) days to “cure” (i.e. fix) a correctable lease violation. If the tenant does not remedy the violation within the 10 day period, they must vacate the unit within five (5) days (the landlord can terminate the lease agreement after 15 total days). If the tenant does not comply with the notice within the 15 day period, the landlord can file a “Forcible Detainer and Entry” action in the small claims court of the county where the rental property is located.

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How to Write

Step 1 – In the top input field enter the county of the rental property. In the “TO” field, put the name of the tenant.

Step 2 – Write a description of the lease violation(s).

Note: If more room is needed, attach a separate piece of paper to the notice.

Step 3 – Date the document in the appropriate input fields (day, month, year).

Step 4 – Sign and print your name.

Note: It’s recommended to make several copies of the completed notice and keep them in your records. If an eviction suit is filed, the court will need at least one copy of the notice during the filing process.