Ohio 30 Day Lease Termination Letter | Tenancy at Will

The Ohio thirty (30) day lease termination letter, source ORC 5321.17, is to be used to inform a tenant (or landlord) of the sender’s intention to terminate the month-to-month (or “at-will”) lease agreement. The notice gives the tenant thirty (30) days to vacate the rental unit. Failure of the tenant to vacate the unit/property by the end of the 30th day of the notice period provides the landlord with the right to file an eviction lawsuit against them.

How to Write

Step 1 – Download the notice (.PDF format click herelink opens in a new tab/window).

Step 2 – Put the date in the input field at the top of the notice. In the “To” section, enter the full name of the tenant and their contact address (street, city, state, ZIP).

Step 3 – Fill in your contact information (name and address) in the “From” section.

Step 4 – Write the address of the rental unit (street, unit/apartment number, city, state, ZIP). In the “Effective Date” field, put the date when the termination will take effect.

Step 5 – Sign your name in the “Signature” field at the bottom of the form.