Ohio 3 Day Notice to Comply or Cure | NonCompliance

The Ohio three (3) day notice to comply or cure, in association with 1923.02, must be served on a tenant who has committed some type of “curable” (i.e. fixable) lease violation (before the landlord can file an eviction lawsuit). The notice provides the tenant with three (3) days* to either cure the lease violation(s), or vacate the rental unit. If the tenant does not comply with the notice within the three day period, the landlord can then file an eviction action in court.

*Eviction notice periods are counted in terms of business days.

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How to Write

Step 1 – Enter the full name(s) of the tenant(s) in the “To” field located at the top of the notice.

Step 2 – Fill in the address of the rental unit (city, county, street, unit). Provide a detailed description of the lease violation(s). Enter the number of days that the tenant has to comply with the notice.

Note: If more space is needed for an accurate description of the violation(s), attach a separate piece of paper to the notice. 

Step 3 – Sign and print your name in the input fields near the bottom of the form, and then enter a contact mailing address/phone number.