Nevada 5 Day Notice to Comply or Quit | Non-Compliance

The Nevada five (5) day notice to comply or quit, in regards to NRS 40.2516, is served to tenants when they have committed some form of lease/rental agreement violation. The notice informs the tenant that they have five (5) business days to rectify the violation(s), or move out of the rental unit. If the tenant fails to vacate the unit/cure the violation(s) within the five day period, the tenant can terminate the lease agreement and then serve the tenant with an unlawful detainer notice or complaint.

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How to Write

Step 1 – Put your (the landlord’s) address and name in the top input section (titled “Name and Address”), and then enter the name/address of the tenant in the input field below “Versus.”

Note: If the notice is being served by the constable/sheriff, put the case and department number in the top input section (on the right-side of the form).

Step 2 – Enter the date of service, and then select the intended delivery method (personal, mailing, posting). Provide a detailed description of the lease violation(s).

Step 3 – Fill out the “Declaration of Service” section after the tenant has been served the notice. Enter the date of service, and then select the service method that was used. If applicable, have the witness and tenant each sign their name. The server must print/sign their name at the bottom of the section.