Nevada 30 Day Notice to Terminate | Month-to-Month Tenancy

The Nevada thirty (30) day notice to terminate, in accordance with NRS 40.251, is a document that informs a tenant or landlord in a month to month arrangement that the tenancy will end. The minimum amount of notice to be given, by the landlord or tenant, is thirty (30) days. If the individual is a tenant that is sixty (60) years old or above then they may request an additional thirty (30) days from the landlord. Notice may be given in accordance with NRS 40.280 and must be delivered via personal service, certified mail, or through a courier (or the Sheriff’s office).

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How to Write

Step 1 – Enter the date (DD/MM/YYYY), and full address of the rental property in the input lines at the top of the form. In the “To:” field, put the name of the tenant.

Step 2 – Enter the start date of the rental agreement.

Note: Tenants should enter a return address for the security deposit.

Step 3 – Fill out the “Proof of Service” section after the notice has been served. Select the delivery/service method that was used, enter the date of service, and then sign/print your name at the bottom of the section.