New Jersey 30 Day Lease Termination Letter | Month-to-Month Tenancy

The New Jersey one (1) month lease termination letter, pursuant to Section 2A: 18-56, is required to be served to month-to-month and other “at-will” tenants. The notice provides the tenant with one full month to vacate the rental property. Likewise, the notice can also be used by the tenant to inform the landlord of their intention to move out within one month. If the tenant fails to move out within one month, the landlord can file an eviction action in Superior Court. The notice must be served to the tenant personally, left at the property with a resident at least fourteen (14) years old, or sent via certified mail.

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How to Write

Step 1 – Fill in the date of the notice, and the full address of the rental property in the input fields at the top of the notice. In the “To” field, put the name(s) of the tenant(s).

Step 2 – Enter the start date of the lease agreement. If you are the tenant, enter your address (for the security deposit).

Step 3 – The section at the bottom of the notice (“Proof of Service”) must be filled out after the notice has been served. Select the service method, and then enter the date of service. At the bottom of the section, sign/print your name, and then enter the date (DD/MM/YYYY).