North Carolina IMMEDIATE Notice to Comply or Quit | NonCompliance

The North Carolina notice to comply or quit, in regards to § 42A-24, can only be used to evict a tenant that has committed some form of criminal activity on the premises of the rental property. In North Carolina, this type of eviction is referred to as an “expedited eviction.” It is typically used to evict tenants who have committed felonies (such as drug trafficking/production) on the premises of the rental property, however it also applies to any type of criminal behavior that threatens other tenants of the rental property. The notice must be given at least four hours before the landlord files a complaint for expedited eviction in court.

Note: An expedited eviction can also be brought against the tenant of a vacation rental property (as long as the rental term is less than 30 days).

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How to Write

Step 1 – Put the date (DD/MM/YYYY) at the top of the notice. Print your name in the “Property/Landlord’s Name” field.

Step 2 – Provide a contact number and email address. Enter the full name of the tenant, and then write the full street address of the tenant (street, unit number, city, state, ZIP).

Step 3 – Write a description of the violation(s), and then sign your name in the “Landlord Signature” field.

Step 4 – Fill out the “Certificate of Service” section after the notice has been served. Enter the date/time of service, and then select the service method that was used.