Minnesota Eviction Process & Laws | Free MN Eviction Notices

To begin the Minnesota eviction process the tenant will have had to neglect the serving of a notice to pay/quit or a termination letter inclining that they must move out by the end of the thirty (30) day period. If none are to occur then the landlord is entitled to file the Compliant (includes Instructions) with the Court Location in your area. The tenant may respond by filing the Answer and using their rights located in the Tenants' Guide to Eviction.

NonPayment Laws - 14 days § 504B.135(b)

NonCompliance Laws - No statute

Month to Month Laws - 30 days § 504B.135(a)

Eviction Laws § 504B.281 to § 504B.371

Types of Notice

Minnesota 14 Day Notice to Pay or Quit | NonPayment of Rent

The Minnesota fourteen (14) day notice to pay or quit, via § 504B.135(b), must be served to an “at-will” (or month-to-month) tenant who has not paid rent. The notice provides the tenant with fourteen (14) days to either pay the rent or vacate the unit. If the tenant fails to either…

Minnesota 30 Day Lease Termination Letter | Tenancy at Will

The Minnesota thirty (30) day notice to quit, as Statute 504B.135, is required to be served to a tenant before the landlord can end a month-to-month or “at-will” tenancy. Tenants must also provide their landlord with the same amount of notice (at least 30 days). The notice informs the tenant…

Process How to Evict a Tenant