Kansas 14/30 Day Notice to Quit or Comply | 1st NonCompliance

The Kansas 14/30 day notice to quit or cure, in association with § 58-2564, is used to inform a tenant of their lease violation(s), how to cure the violation(s), as well as when the lease agreement will terminate if they do not comply with the notice. The notice states that the tenant will have fourteen (14) days to cure the violation(s), or the landlord will terminate the lease/rental agreement in thirty (30) days. If the tenant commits the same violation(s) within 6 months from date of being served this notice, the landlord can terminate the rental agreement (with no option to cure) with a fourteen day notice to quit/vacate.

How to Write

Step 1 – In the “To:” field at the top of the form, enter the full name(s) of the tenant(s).

Step 2 – Fill in the date that the lease will terminate on (at least thirty days from the service of the notice).

Step 3 – Provide a detailed description of the lease violation(s) that the tenant has committed. If the tenant can cure the violations by paying a fee, enter that amount in the blank field below the description of the lease violation(s).

Step 4 – Enter the date that you will inspect the rental unit/premises to confirm the tenant has fixed the violations.

Step 5 – Date the form, and then sign your name. At the bottom of the form is the “Certificate of Service.” Fill this section out (date, signature) after you have served the notice to the tenant.