Indiana 30 Day Notice to Quit | Month-to-Month Tenancy Termination

The Indiana thirty (30) termination letter, in relation to § 32-31-1-1, can only be used to terminate month-to-month tenancies. The notice can be used by both the landlord or tenant to inform one another of their intention to terminate the tenancy. Although there does not need to be a specific reason for a month-to-month tenancy termination, the landlord cannot terminate it in retaliation/discrimination of the tenant. The notice should be personally delivered, however it can also be sent via certified mail or posted on the premises of the rental unit.

How to Write

Step 1 – Enter the date of notice, and address of the rental unit at the top of the form. In the “To:” field, put the name(s) of the tenant(s) (or landlord).

Step 2 – If you are the landlord, check the first box off and then enter the date of the lease/ effective termination. If you are the tenant notifying the landlord, check the second box and then provide a return address for your security deposit.

Step 3 – The “Proof of Service” section at the bottom of the notice must be filled out after the notice has been served. Mark off which delivery method was used, and then enter the date of service. Enter the current date, and then sign/print your name to complete the proof of service.

Note: Make several copies of the completed notice. If an eviction lawsuit is filed, this notice will be used as evidence in court.