Indiana 10 Day Notice to Quit | NonPayment of Rent

The Indiana ten (10) day notice to quit, pertaining to § 32-31-1-6, is to be used by landlords to begin the eviction process for a tenant who has failed to pay rent. Indiana State law requires that tenants who have not paid rent must receive at least ten (10) days notice before the landlord can terminate the lease/rental agreement and initiate the eviction lawsuit process in court. If the tenant pays the rent within the ten (10) day period (or moves out), the landlord cannot file a Complaint/Summons for eviction.

How to Write

Step 1 – Download the form in .PDF format (click here to open the form in a new tab/window). In the “To:” field enter the name(s) of the tenant(s). The “At:” section (3-5) should be filled in with the full address of the renal unit.

Step 2 – Provide a description of the lease violation (in this case it would be failure to pay rent), and then a description of how the tenant can correct this (pay the past-due rent) in the other section (9-11).

Step 3 – Enter the current date (DD, MM, YY), sign your name in the “Signature field,” and then provide your contact/return address.

Step 4 – The “Declaration of Service” section at the bottom of the form should be filled out after the notice was served to the tenant. Select the service method and then enter the date of service. Enter the city where the notice was served, the current date, and then sign/print your name.