Iowa 3 Day Notice to Quit | NonPayment of Rent

The Iowa three (3) day notice to quit, in accordance with Code 562A.27, is reserved for use when a tenant has failed to pay the rent. The notice informs the tenant that they have three (3) days to pay the rent or move out of the rental unit. If the tenant does not pay the rent or vacate the premises, the landlord has the legal right to file an eviction action in court. The notice should be served personally, however it can also be sent through certified mail and left in a conspicuous location on the premises of the rental unit.

How to Write

Step 1 – Enter the name(s) of the tenant(s) at the top of the notice in the blank “To:” field. Fill in the city, county, and full address/name of the rental unit.

Step 2 – Provide the total amount of delinquent rent that is owed, along with the corresponding dates from the lease.

Step 3 – Enter the current date (DD, month, YY), and then print your name above the “Owner/Manager” line.

Step 4 – The section at the bottom must be filled out after the notice has been served to the tenant. Select the service method (certified mail, left at the rental unit with a person aged 18 or over). The tenant must sign their name in the “Tenant Signature” field. Enter the date of service, and then sign your name in the last input field.