Georgia Notice to Pay or Quit | NonPayment of Rent

The Georgia notice to pay or quit, according to § 44-7-50, is a notice that is not required to be given by the landlord to the tenant. Rather it is given out of good intentions to inform the lessee that they are behind on their payment and if they do not act that they may be liable to an eviction lawsuit (forcible entry and detainer). It is recommended that the tenant contact and pay the landlord before this type of action is filed.

How to Write

Step 1 – Enter the date (DD/MM/YYYY) at the top of the form.

Step 2 – In the “To” field enter the full name of the tenant as it appears on the rental/lease agreement.

Step 3 – Enter the past due rent amounts, along with corresponding rental dates. Enter the total amount of rent due, any partial payments, and the final balance that is due.

Step 4 – Enter the lease date, and the number of days that you will give the tenant before an eviction lawsuit will be filed.

Step 5 – If you want to terminate the lease if the tenant does not pay the rent, enter “Does” in the blank input field, and then how many days you will give the tenant to pay the rent.

Step 6 – Enter the full address of the rental unit (street, apartment number, city, ZIP code, county), and then sign your name in the “Signature” field.