Florida 7 Day Notice to Quit | NonCompliance & Curable

The seven (7) day notice to quit, in reference to Section 83.56(2)(a), is served to tenants who have committed a lease violation that is “curable” (i.e. it can be fixed). The notice describes the lease violation, and informs the tenant of how long they have to cure it (In Florida it is seven days excluding weekends and holidays). If the tenant fails to correct their violations within that time period, the landlord can terminate the lease agreement and file an action for summary possession (aka eviction) in court.

How to Write

Step 1 – Enter the full name of the tenant in the “To:” field at the top of the form. Enter the address of the rental unit (including the county name) into the “Address” input field.

Step 2 – Describe the lease violation(s). Be as detailed as possible (if you need more space, attach extra pages to the notice form), the notice will be used as evidence in court if you want to file an action for eviction (summary possession).

Step 3 – The section at the bottom is to be used as a proof of service. Enter the date that the notice was served to the tenant, as well as the delivery method that was used. Sign your name in the “Signature” field, and then print it. Enter your contact information at the bottom of the form (address and phone number).