Florida 3 Day Notice to Pay or Quit | NonPayment of Rent

The Florida three (3) day notice to quit, in reference to Section 83.56, is served to a tenant when they have failed to pay their rent in accordance with an established lease/rental agreement. Florida law states that tenants must be given at least three (3) days notice* before the landlord can terminate the rental agreement and file an eviction action in court. If the tenant pays the full rent amount before the end of the notice period, the lease/rental agreement cannot be terminated.

*Weekends (Saturday and Sunday) and legal holidays are not included in notice periods.

How to Write

Step 1 – Download the three day notice to quit form (.PDF format). In the “To:” section at the top of the form enter the tenant’s full name, and the address of the rental unit.

Step 2 – In the first line of the main section, enter the total amount of rent due. On the next line, enter the corresponding dates from which the rent is due. In the “property described as” line, enter the address/specific internal designation for the rental unit.

Step 3 – The section at the bottom of the form is to be filled out after the notice has been served to the tenant. Enter “Florida” and the county name where the rental unit is located. Enter your name (or the name of the person who served the notice) and the date of service. Select the type of delivery method that was employed. At the bottom of the form, sign your name.