Florida 15 Day Notice to Quit | Month-to-Month Tenancy

The Florida fifteen (15) day notice to quit, in relation to Section 83.57, is specifically drafted to notify month-to-month tenants of their lease’s termination. The notice should be served to the tenant by the landlord. Delivery should be by hand, or left with a person 18 years or older at the rental unit (as well as sent in the mail to the tenant). If either of these methods cannot be done, the landlord can post the notice in a conspicuous location on the rental premises (in addition to mailing a copy of the notice to the tenant).

How to Write

Step 1 – In the “To:” field, enter the full name of the tenant as it appears on the rental/lease agreement.

Step 2 – Write the full address of the rental unit in the “Address:” input field.

Step 3 – Under the “You Must Vacate” title, enter the final date of the fifteen day notice period.

Note: Weekends and federal/state holidays do not apply to notice periods.

Step 4 – The bottom of the form should be filled out after serving the notice to the tenant. Include the date of service, the delivery method, signature of the person who served the notice, as well as the landlord’s name, address, and contact information.

Note: Download the form in .PDF format. Make several copies of the completed form to save for future use. Documentation of notification/service to the tenant is important if you want to file an action for summary possession (eviction).