Arizona Ten (10) Notice to Quit | Material Non-Compliance

The Arizona ten (10) day notice for a material non-compliance, reference § 33-1367, is a document that is sent to a tenant by a landlord when a violation of the lease has transpired. The form grants ten (10) days for the tenant to fix or “cure” the issue or else they will have to move-out of the property.

Examples of this type of non-compliance are:

  • Too many occupants living on the premises
  • Falsely reporting employment on the application
  • Damage to the premises
  • A Pet that is prohibited from the property

How to Write

  • Header – Enter the name of the Tenant along with their address, apt/suite number, and the date
  • Original Lease Agreement – Enter the effective date of the rental agreement signed between the Landlord and Tenant.
  • Material Non-Compliance – Enter up to four (4) incidents of non-compliance by the Tenant.
  • Hand Delivery or Certified Mail Date
  • Signature – By the Landlord or their Agent.

*Certified Mail – If the Tenant does not sign the Certified Letter the date of the notice will be fifteen (15) days instead of ten (10).