Arizona Five (5) Day Notice to Quit | Violation of Health/Safety

The Arizona five (5) day notice to quit for violations of health and safety (Defined under 33-1368(A) gives a Tenant this time period to remedy an issue regarding their property. If on the sixth (6th) day a solution has not been found to the issue then the Landlord will have the right to file a Forcible Entry and Detainer case against the Lessee.

  • In order for the Tenant to remain on the property they must fix the issue described in the Notice to Quit.

How to Write

Step 1 – In the Header Area the Landlord must type the Tenant’s Name and Address including the Date the form was created.

Step 2 – Enter the end date of the five (5) day period and include up to four (4) violations that the Tenant must cure.

Step 3 – The Landlord must sign the document and write whether they will hand-deliver the notice or send through a Certified Letter.