Alaska Seven (7) Day Notice to Quit | Non-Payment of Rent

The Alaska seven (7) day notice to quit, also known as Form CIV-725, is sent to a tenant for the non-payment of rent (pursuant to AS 09.45.090). Rent is considered late the day after it is due according to the lease agreement signed or any verbal arrangements made by lessor and lessee.

Once the notice has been sent the tenant has seven (7) days to either pay all that is due or vacate the property. If the tenant decides to leave the property they will legally remain owing the balance due. If the tenant does not pay the amount due in rent (plus penalties) or leave the premises then the landlord will have the right to file a Forcible Entry And Detainer (F.E.D).

How to Write

Step 1 – Download the notice to quit in Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word.

Step 2 – Enter the following:

  • Tenant’s name and address
  • Monies owed to the landlord
  • Date and time
  • Signature and date of the landlord/owner/property manager

Step 3 – Enter the Landlord’s Record of Service which states that the tenant received the notice via one of the following stated formats. Keep a record of this notice as it will be required to be attached to the Complaint if it is filed in the State of Alaska.